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May 22 / laellison

University Press of Colorado Adds Content to the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR)

Working with digital curators at the Center for Digital Antiquity, the University Press of Colorado has added to the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) information about 27 of its books on archaeological topics.

The subject matter of the books includes a wide range of topics and locations, including the Maya area, Amazonia, Colorado, and the American Southwest.  Registered tDAR users may download the books’ tables of contents and introductions from the tDAR record.

One of the most recent books in the UPC catalog, Surviving Sudden Environmental Change: Answers from Archaeology, edited by Jago Cooper and Payson Sheets, may be downloaded in its entirety,

This arrangement adds to the archaeological information already available through tDAR, whose content is indexed for searches by Google and other main search engines, and exposes the University Press of Colorado’s archaeological catalog to searchers who otherwise may be unaware of its available books.

You can find the tDAR collection that lists the UPC publications here.