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Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 17 – March 2020

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 16 – October 2019

    • Dr. Christopher Nicholson named new Director of the Center for Digital Antiquity
    • Leigh Anne Ellison promoted to Assistant Director
    • ARIADNEplus grant focuses on building an international data portal
    • New feature in tDAR allows fielded searches in a database
    • Senior Digital Curator Rachel Fernandez completes project in Ghana
    • Roosevelt Digital Database Project Workshop success
    • tDAR on the MOVE

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 15 – July 2019

    • Dr. Katherine Dungan joins Digital Antiquity as a Post-Doc
    • SAA & SHA 2019 Conference Abstracts now available in tDAR
    • tDAR featured in “Disappearing Data” article in American Archaeology Magazine’s Spring 2019 issue
    • tDAR collaborates with The American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA) to Promote Easier and Broader Sharing of Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Data
    • Legislative Update: 2019 Open Government Data Act has implications for Archaeology
    • Senior Digital Curator, Rachel Fernandez, presents at the 2019 Air Force Cultural Resources Workshop at Kirtland Air Force Base

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 14 – April 26, 2019

    • tDAR on the Road: Another Successful SAA Conference
    • Don’t forget to take advantage of your tDAR/SAA Benefits
    • Recent tDAR Staffing News
    • Dr. Francis Pierce-McManamon, Founding Director of tDAR, to retire in June
    • Search for the next Director of tDAR

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 13 – August 5, 2015

    • Per File Price Reductions for Digital Preservation in tDAR
    • tDAR in the Field!
    • Dr. Paul R. Green Awarded for Outstanding CRM Service
    • South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology Reports Now Available in tDAR
    • New Collection from the New York State Museum and the Public Archaeology Facility, Binghamton University
    • tDAR Data Now Available in the Arctic Data Explorer
    • SAA 2015

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 12 – March 12, 2015

    • Join us at the 2015 Society for American Archaeology Meetings in San Francisco!
    • New Memorandum of Understanding between the Center for Digital Antiquity and the Archaeological Institute of America
    • Project Demonstrates the Effective Use of tDAR for DoD Archaeological Data Access and Preservation
    • tDAR Software Update (Munsell)
    • Grant Opportunities for Digital Preservation
    • Looking Forward

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 11 – September 30, 2014

    • Dissertations in the Digital Age – Keeping Dissertation Data Alive
    • Conferences Attended by Digital Antiquity:
      • 20th Annual Meeting of the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA)
      • 79th Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Annual Meeting
      • Arizona Historic Preservation Conference
    • Shaw AFB and Avon Park AFR Archaeology Archives now in tDAR
    • New Grant News
    • New Board Member – Cynthia Pillote
    • tDAR Updates
    • Vote for our Knight News Challenge Project!

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 10 – December 19, 2013

    • Latest tDAR Software Updates: Jar
    • Digital Antiquity and Phoenix Area Office, Bureau of Reclamation Continue Cooperation
    • tDAR User Documentation
    • tDAR Policies & Procedures
    • Guides in Print: Caring for Digital Data in Archaeology: A Guide to Good Practice
    • Meetings and Conferences attended by Digital Antiquity:
      • Arizona Historical Preservation Conference,
      • Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan
      • 86th Annual Pecos Conference
      • American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA) Annual Conference
    • Reminder for SAA Student Members: Use Your 2013 tDAR Vouchers Now!
    • Digital Antiquity Staffing Updates

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 9 – April 29, 2013

    • New Website & New Version of tDAR
    • Mimbres Pottery Images Digital Database
    • University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
    • Digital Archive of Archaeological Documents Related to Dyess Air Force Base, Texas
    • BLM Permian Basin Final Reports
    • Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting
    • Alaska Consortium of Zooarchaeologists Workshop
    • Council of Texas Archeologists, Spring Meeting
    • 78th Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting

Digital Antiquity eNews, Number 8 – October 17, 2012

    • AAA Recommends tDAR for Depositing Archaeological Data
    • Agreement to Sustain tDAR’s Digital Records
    • DA welcomes new Sales and Marketing Coordinator
    • 2012 ACRA Conference
    • Publish Your Data Sets in tDAR
    • tDAR in Australia
    • Upload Fees for Individuals Waived through December 2012

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 7 – August 2, 2012

    • Upload Your Archaeological Information to tDAR NOW! Upload Fees for Individuals Waived through December 2012
    • Digital Antiquity Releases “Harris Matrix” version of tDAR
    • 1960’s Archives of Archaeology Series Finds a New Home in tDAR
    • University Press of Colorado Adds Content to the Digital Archaeological Record
    • Digital Antiquity Contributes to the Society of Historical Archaeology’s May 2012 Tech Week Blog
    • Francis McManamon gave a Plenary Presentation at the “High-Tech Heritage” Conference
    • Digital Antiquity Curator Josh Watts receives Plog Memorial Fellowship

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 6 – May 1, 2012

    • 2012 Digital Antiquity Grants Announcement
    • Join the Archaeology Grand Challenge
    • Teaching with tDAR
    • 77th SAA Annual Meeting

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 5 – February 23, 2012

    • Digital Antiquity and the Historical Archaeology Annual Conference
    • A New Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant
    • Digital Antiquity at the 2012 SAA
    • tDAR Updates
    • 2011 Digital Antiquity Grants Program

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 4 – November 3, 2011

    • NADB Records Enhanced and Entered into tDAR
    • Net Lessons and tDAR Tutorial Series
    • Reports in Digital Archaeology: a Digital Antiquity Publication
    • CLIR Report Focuses on the Contributions of Digital Antiquity and

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 3 – June 28, 2011

    • On-Site Workshop with Arizona Archaeological Council
    • Denver Workshop on Digital Information Management
    • Digital Antiquity-tDAR Grants Program Results
    • Digital Antiquity and tDAR at the SAA
    • tDAR Software Updates: Debitage and Eolian
    • Digital Antiquity and WSU Partner to Add Dolores Archaeological Program Digital Data to tDAR

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 2 – March 25, 2011

    • DC Workshop on Digital Information Management
    • Status of the tDAR Grants program
    • tDAR Software Updates
    • Digital Antiquity and tDAR at SAA
    • Digital Antiquity and ADS Partner on Guides to Good Practice
    • Digital Antiquity and tDAR Website Updates

Digital Antiquity e-News, Number 1 – December 21, 2010

    • Introductory Letter
    • Digital Antiquity Grants Program
    • Progress on Adding Content to the tDAR Repository
    • Need for Social Science Data Access & Preservation – Response to NSF
    • New Article by CSA Featuring tDAR
    • tDAR’s Data Integration Tools Featured at International Conference