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Executive Director: Francis McManamon

Frank McManamon is the Executive Director of Digital Antiquity. Before joining Digital Antiquity in November 2009, he was the Chief Archeologist of the National Park Service and Departmental Consulting Archeologist for the Department of the Interior in Washington, DC.  Dr. McManamon has been involved in the development of policy, regulations, and guidance for public archaeology in the National Park system and throughout the government.  He has special interests and expertise in archaeological resource management, the long-term access to and preservation of archaeological data, laws and regulations related to cultural resource management and historic preservation, and public outreach and education about archaeology and archaeological resources.

Frank represented the DoI in providing technical assistance to the COE and the Department of Justice on the Kennewick Man case and provided archaeological advice for the General Services Administration on the New York City African Burial Ground project.  He served as an expert member of the United States delegations to UNESCO negotiations on illegal artifact trafficking and the protection of underwater archeological resources.

Frank has conducted archeological investigations in eastern North America, Western Europe, and Micronesia.

With David Harmon and Dwight Pitcaithley, Frank edited a collection of essays, The Antiquities Act:  A Century of American Archaeology, Historic Preservation, and Nature Conservation, published in 2006 by the University of Arizona Press.  The book received a New Mexico Heritage Preservation Book Award in 2006.

Frank’s most recent professional publication is the four-volume encyclopedia, Archaeology in America (Greenwood Press, 2009), for which he is the general editor.

Frank can be reached at or 480-965-6510.


Director of Technology: Adam Brin

Adam has spent his career at the intersection of cultural heritage and technology, providing consulting and programming services to museums, libraries, and software companies. Adam currently serves as the Director of Technology for Digital Antiquity. Recent projects include work with NASA, the Internet Archive, and Luna Imaging to create a centralized database of all of NASA’s online images, work with the David Rumsey Map Collection, and work with the University of California and OCLC on their Next Generation Melvyl Project. Adam specializes in developing simple and elegant services for complex projects with unique metadata and technical challenges.

Adam can be reached at or 480-965-1278.



Digital Curator: Jenny Cashman

Jenny Cashman joined our staff as a Digital Curator in November 2015. She is an archaeologist with field experience in Egypt, Greece, and California, with a long-standing interest in computer applications in archaeology. She holds a Master’s degree in archaeology from UCLA, and is currently working on a doctorate in Egyptology from the University of Oxford. In addition, she has a Master’s degree in library and information science from UCLA, and has considerable experience working with archives and special collections, providing access to both physical and digital resources.

Her work experience includes projects at the Getty Research Institute, RAND Corporation, and various archaeology-related projects at Oxford. She has worked in progressive education, teaching research strategies for information resources and emerging technologies, and is especially interested in GIS applications and the potential of digital humanities. Her fascination with other cultures is lifelong, with studies in Native American and Latin American cultures as well as the ancient Near East. She has a deep commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage and the development of collaborative resources.

Jenny can be reached at or 480-965-1602.

Digital Library Software Engineer: James deVos

Jim deVos joined Digital Antiquity as Software Programmer in late August, 2010. DeVos is no stranger to ASU, as he holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and Applied Science from its College of Engineering and Applied Science. DeVos has also earned certification for diverse software programs and applications. He has a history of software development and maintenance for companies including Honeywell Corporation, DHL Worldwide Express, Quest, and TriWest Healthcare Alliance.

Jim can be reached at or 480-965-6533.


Program Coordinator: Leigh Anne Ellison

Leigh Anne Ellison joined our staff in October 2012 as Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Ellison’s previous professional experience includes work as a Project Director for archaeological fieldwork in Mexico and Honduras, where she studied social variability among commoners. She also has considerable field experience in the US, working as a Field Archaeologist on various projects throughout Hawaii, Arizona, and Colorado. Ellison holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Art History from Wellesley College.

Leigh Anne advocates globally for Digital Antiquity and the use of tDAR for the long-term preservation of and access to archaeological data. She is the primary liaison between Digital Antiquity’s clients and customers for communications and product and service delivery.

Leigh Anne can be reached at or 480-965-1593.


Digital Curator: Alaina Harmon

Alaina Harmon joined our staff in November 2015 as a Digital Curator. Prior professional experience includes project management and research at George Mason University’s Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media as well as independent contracting for the Collections Program, Department of Botany, and the Arctic Studies Center of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute. Alaina’s field experience has been based in the Canadian maritime provinces, and she has additional significant volunteer and intern experience in marine mammalogy, museology, and natural history object conservation and collections management garnered from the Smithsonian Institution, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea. Alaina possesses a bachelor’s in Anthropology issued by The College of William and Mary.

Alaina can be reached at or 480-965-1680.


Digital Data Curators

  • Alaina Harmon
  • Jenny Cashman
  • Chelsea Walter